About the ACAB

The Board was established in 1998 by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly. The duties of the Board include making recommendations to the Commissioner of the Department of Agriculture relating to animal control issues, evaluating applications for disbursement of animal care and control funds, establishing shelter standards, and creating training programs. Members are appointed by the Governor to four year terms and are nominated by following groups: Kentucky Association of Counties, Kentucky Animal Control Association, Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Kentucky Houndsmen Association, and Kentucky League of Cities.

Since its inception the Board has made progress in carrying out its mission by sponsoring training sessions in the areas of animal control, animal behavior, and the humane administration of euthanasia. The registration fees for training are waived for employees of Kentucky counties and cities; the county or city is responsible for travel expenses only.

The Board, through appropriations of the General Assembly, makes available grant funds for the construction of new animal shelters or renovation of existing shelters. The Board also established a grant program for purchase of equipment to assist animal control officers to perform their duties safely and efficiently. These grants are available to Kentucky governmental agencies only. Notification of beginning and ending dates for submitting applications for these funds will be mailed to county/city officials.

The Animal Control Advisory Board continues to work to improve animal control and care standards in the Commonwealth. Board members welcome input from local officials and citizens concerning the needs of their communities regarding these issues.